So, what is the Early Years TV Food Channel?

The Early Years TV Food Channel is the brainchild of Louise Mercieca and Kathy Brodie. It's dedicated to bringing you the very best information and advice on young children's nutrition and health.

Kathy Brodie

Founder, Early Years TV

Louise has been a guest on Early Years TV talking about food and nutrition many times and her interviews have always been really popular and very well received.

Nutrition in the Early Years is such an important topic for the development of our children both physically and cognitively - and there's an emotional component to food too.

So it just seemed to make sense to us to create something dedicated to food that would make life easier for practitioners and parents and help them give their children the very best start nutritionally.

Our goal with the Early Years TV Food Channel is to give practitioners and parents a really simple and easy way to prepare healthy, nutritious and exciting food for their children - and to teach them good eating habits.

With the Free Membership option, you get a new recipe every month that's simple and quick to prepare, and is focused on the unique nutritional needs of young children.

If you join the Recipe Club, you'll get a pack every month with around 10 recipes along with a weekly meal planner and nutritional advice so you can save time while giving your children healthy meals they'll love to eat.

In the Academy, along with the recipes you'll also get training videos about the different aspects of nutrition in the Early Years along with interviews with nutrition experts, information you can share with parents, and tips for implementation in the home and settings. The Academy is for those of you who want to build your knowledge of children's healthy nutrition and lifestyle needs.

Louise Mercieca

Founder, The Health Kick