Your Early Years TV Food Channel Membership Options

Free Membershio

Free Membership

  • Free recipe per month
  • Focused on the unique nutritional needs of young children
  • Simple and quick to prepare - whatever your resources
  • Attractive and interesting - so children will want to eat them


Recipe Club Membership

Recipe Club Membership

  • Around 10 recipes per month - giving you a range of interesting and exciting options for your children
  • Weekly meal planner
  • Nutritional guidelines and tips


Academy Membership

Special 50% Launch Discount
Academy Membership

  • All the recipes and menus from Recipe Club
  • Educational videos about health, nutrition and young children
  • Nutritional information to share with parents
  • Interviews with nutritional experts
  • Ideas for implementation in the home and settings

Special 50% Launch Discount - Just £5/month